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This is a test.

Just a note to myself to update more. Also post on daily lolita if I'm feeling confident the trolls of cgl won't eat me for wearing a wig. Oh, my job at the library is going swimmingly. I went to 1 shift a week at B&N, which is a huge relief. We're moving in a few weeks, but staying in central Iowa, so not too much of a change. Also: did the math. I've been doing this lolita fashion thing off an on for over 8 years. . . Eeek. Though it took that long for people to finally making prints I like. ( Got my Innocent World library print last month, that thing is ballin'. I got it in green to match a vintage felt boater I have.)

Finally, I've become addicted to Archer and Sherlock.
Working on a post for Garage Sale Japan.  If anyone knows of other places you can trade or buy cheap manga, I'm all ears. :)Tons of Graphic Novels For Sale or TradeCollapse )
So. . . . friend's list! 

Did you know I'm a librarian now, and not JUST a wage slave at a mall bookstore?  It is true!  You would know this if we were facebook friends.  If you want to know these sorts of exciting things, as well as see pictures of my daughter dressed up as Princess Bubblegum for Halloween, or even just me being my typical lolita cam-whore you should join me there.  I have a Tumblr too, but I only use it to stalk my friends see what interesting thing my friends have to share.  I'm not personally a fan of the way Facebook is set up, but short of semaphore, it seems the best way to keep in touch.

  See what you are missing?  I went and pretended to pick apples in Minnesota.  Then I got cold hands!  The end.

IMG_0435-1.jpg IMG_0435

This was taken during an epic weekend trip up to MN to celebrate my SO's publication of his research paper )and our three year anniversary).  We went on a nature walk, had a delish meal and went and (re)saw The Avengers.  More pics:

Any of my friends have a goodreads account? I recently switched from shelfari (Screw you, Amazon!), and am in the process of transferring my list of books, then the reviews. So much writing, yikes.
Anyways, feel free to add me:

r on Tumblr, of which I have one now: