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Hey,it is 2006, apparently.

Hello friend's list. I have been computer-less for about a year, but that has been remedied.  I also can check facebook and gmail at home, and not just intermittently at my job. So I exist in an online capacity again, and am more than happy to join whatever social media I missed in my sojourn to the analog world. I'll be getting back into lolita and natural-kei, if not the "lolita scene".  Being completely without a reliable computer or gaming system was interesting.  I was forced to read, spend time with my family, and lead a fulfilling life. Hopefully that is all in the past. (joking)  

 I'm doing well:
-Still at B&N, underpaid and jaded, but spending most of my shifts at the e-reader kiosk.
-Still involved with Mike, my gallant geneticist.  
-Still have two kids R and X, they are both awesome.
-Still spending my spare time wearing silly clothes, gaming, and reading more than any sane person ought.
(anyone want to be Nook friend?)
- I'll be 30 this fall, but I'm taking it in stride.  I'm pretty okay where my life is, other than I wish I was less poor, and my SO didn't live 3 hours away.

So let me know what is going on in your life!  Tell me what your current obsessions are, what you are doing at work, how lie is treating you, whatever. Also, if any of the classic brands released anything that would make a gothic biblophle swoon. Or don't, I'm not needy.


My Journal is now basically Friends Only.  Comment to be added! :)

Books break the shackles of time, proof that humans can work magic. -Carl Sagan

If you want to know more about the girl behind ~THE MYTH~
her is a (semi) outdated intro post

Spring is Here

 Things are in full swing here in Iowa.  There is a delicious spring thunderstorm going on, which is a bit of a shame because I still have a box of lolita I need to photograph for my next sales post.  I decided to sell my Vampire Requiem JSK in black, because it is far too short for me.  I also managed to snag a bordeaux copy of the IW book pouchette from Tokyo Rebel.  If the black is still around this weekend, I'll get it as well.  I know it won't be, but that is a close to a budget as I can muster with this, since it has been one of my "dream" items since it came out. 

My seedlings are still very small because I am the top floor so the sun isn't the best,  but they are growing and healthy, so I'm not too worried.  TI got a cute wrought iron gate for the morning glories at Goodwill.  I also snagged some nice under-the bed- boxes for all my renaissance garb craft supplies I've culled from the CRAFT CLOSET OF DOOM.  Spring is the time I always yearn for my days working as a Renaissance faire actress, so I start obsessively cataloging my garb and making bits and bobs that end up getting even less use than my balls to the wall lolita.  Right now I'm 1/2 way through a set of lace cuffs that will include a matching ruff.  My old blackwork partlet is looking a bit shady as well, so I should cut off the embroidery and make a new one, but that sounds like a lot more work (and more boring) than making a flower wreath for my daughter.

Work is fine, but they are slashing hours terribly.  Luckily I still have all my vacation days minus 1 and 3 days sick leave to last until August.  I applied for a promotion (it would technically be under my old job I had before they removed the zone lead position, but better than a vanilla bookseller like I am now).  I could use the hours gaurantee, since while it would be the same hours they wouldn't be able to cut me below 30 without firing me. Also a raise, which would be nice.  It would give me more $$ to go up to Minnesota more often to see my S.O.  (Our two year anniversary is right around the corner)  Also there are going to be some fab things going on in the twin cities this summer that would be fun to see.  And I want to get to Chicago once, I was thinking ACEN, but that is probably logistically impossible with my procrastination tendencies.  

But I am rambling now, how is everyone else's springs going?

Japanese Auction Search Terms

Specific Items:

  • Socks - 靴下
    Shoes - 靴
    Blouses - ブラウス
    Skirt - スカート
    Head Dress - ヘッドドレス
    One Piece - ワンピース
    Pannier - パニエ
    Fukubukuro - 福袋

    White - 白 
    Black - 黒
    Red - 赤
    Cream - 生成





    chocochip cookie

  • トリプルフォーチュン

  • triple fortune

  • pink house

    ships to the US

  • serraphim JSK seller

Well, the Psychiatrist at Children and Families of Iowa finally stopped waffling. Xander indeed has Asperger's Syndrome. Thankfully it is mild enough he can still thrive in a regular classroom (with a lot of one on one help, constant updates on the transitions between scheduled activities, and twice the leniancy as his classmates).   I'm glad I have a framework to base ideas to help him improve socially and behaviorally.  However, it still feels a bit off.  Maybe I've watched to many TV shows, because I feel like Xander is nowhere near as extreme as most cases I've seen.  However,  since the diagnosis phase started I *have* noticed quite a few symptoms that I blew off until I was asked about them.  But am I noticing them and blowin them out of proportion because I've been told to look for them/asked about them. AAGH!  I guess leaving it up to the professionals is all I can really do. 

Also, the divorce is final.  Now I am a free woman, lol.
  Okay, so I've been a lolita for about 5 years (come february). For several of those I wore lolita most of the week. I've slowly been whittling away at what I don't wear anymore, but I still have a pretty big closet overflowing with gothic and classic lolita goodness. Since this month's other theme is "Old School" and 2/3rds of my wardrobe falls into that I thought I'd point out a few pieces that harken to those lolita days of yore. Enough Rambling, HERE WE GO! (WARNING: this is a BIG POST with Many pictures, and a LOT OF TEXT, only some of which is humorous). Double Theme Post. An "Old School" lolita shows her wardrobeCollapse )