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Everything I'm listing (with a few noted exceptions) has been in storage for at LEAST a year.  Everything was washed or dry`cleaned, then packed away.  Hence, the vast majority of them are wrinkled.  No I am not ironing every piece (especially since I have another huge box to go to once I've culled this one to a managable level.)  I looked over every piece for stains and flaws, and checked the notes I made beore packing of any stains or flaws I was previously aware of. HOWEVER, there is a chance I missed one or two.  If this is the case with your item, please contact me before leaving negative feedback. Basically CONSIDER THIS A GIANT LOLITA THRIFT STORE.  Lots of cheaper pieces for people willing to mend, tea-dye, etc, but a few nicer pieces thrown in the mix. All items are used and assumed to be in decent condition unless noted.  If they are in better or worse condition I will say so, and explain why. Paypal preferred, first person to pay gets item, I will ship internationally, but US buyers are preferred.

For international shipping, please inquire. I ship air mail unless you ask me to use priority. I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages, so if you want insurance please let me know. Also I can only insure for the marked value of package, so if you want me to mark an item down I can't insure it's real value. International Buyers, Paypal only sorry! As always, first to request invoice gets the item.   All my items have been in storage for over a year. All of them have been washed and dried. However, they might be wrinkled, or have fluff on them. I don't smoke, nor do I have pets.  The last time I did a sales post, my photobucket crashed, so I am posting one main picture of items and linking the others so people can view the pieces they are interested in.

Proof of ownwership ismy little Alice in Wonderland rabbit
Item A1 Pastel Pink and white "lace up" Meta socks: 20 shipped in the US
Item A2 Angelic Pretty candy heart socks: 25 shipped in the US,
Item A3 Black and white dot socks (I think they are Meta?) Like new 15.00 shipped in the US
Item A4 New Pink and white Meta (crown Label) socks: 25 shipped in the US

Item A:
Meta Bloomers, never even tried on (I have three pairs already)
25.00 shipped anywhere in the US


Item B Victorian Maiden Light Red Velvet OP:
(needs underskirt, no included) Cream VM collar included
Good condition
110.00 shipped in the US

Matching collar:

More Pics:

Item C:
Maxicimam Wool scarf
Some pilling, otherwise in great shape, and quite warm.
25.00 shipped in the US


Item D:
Putumayo Red and white Rabbit Set
Tank top and Zip hoodie
The tank top is in good condition, 32" bust unstretched
The cardigan is in very good condition, with a 34" bust unstretched
60.00 shipped for both

Item E:
Putumayo Tank Top:
Putumayo pink and black tank top. 25.00 shipped in the US
Japanese Size M 31" bust unstretched, 32" waist unstretched
Fit me (34-36B) comfortably

Item F:
Positano Vest Size S (fits large, I'm a Ladies M and it is a bit loose).  The screen printed fleur de lys has a bit of aleaopard print pattern as well.
15.00 shipped
The Fleur de Lys has a leopard print!

Item G:
Black Peace Now Black and MMM blue cutsew
Good cndition, no fading or stretching. (Could use a good lint roll.)
Size M
Fits a 34" bust, 31" waist with a few inches stretch left
40.00 shipped in the US

Item H:
Miho Matsuda blouse, never worn (from a luckypack)
34" bust MAX
27" waist
40.00 shipped in the US


Item I:
Victorian Maiden Apron style black and cream skirt (At least pre-2004)
Two owners (I've had it since 2008)
Picture of print ad here: http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/1063636415_topele-lol.gif

25-26", no elastic
24" long
Very good condition for its age. Small brown spot on the lace of the front, have not tried to remove it.
70.00 shipped in the US


Item J:
Algonquins skirt: Japaese M:
Purple skirt, 30" waist, great condition
20.00 shipped in the US


Item K:
Bodyline Size M blouse with missing buttons
15.00 shipped in the US

Item L:
Victorian Maiden skirt, good condition. No stains or rips. Newer, from 2009-ish?
26" waist (high waisted)
23" long
70.00 shipped in the US

Divot in front waistband:http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/Sales/april058_zpsa821ab83.jpg

item M:
Blue Gingham Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse.
45.00 shipped in the US
waist is 27" unstretched, bust is adjustable as well. Fits a 34C with room to spare.
Missing two white buttons, would be easy to repair. Small 1.5" stain on left sleeve

missing buttons:

Item N:
Metamorphose NWT headband
20.00 shipped in the US

Item O:
Emily Temple Cute Otome style Dress (won't fit a bell shaped petti)
Japanese Size M
50.00 shipped in the US

Item P:
Mojo Moxy grey VM style boots
These, but in grey. Size 9.5 US, true to size. I am a 8.5 and thought I could wear them. My loss=your gain. Worn twice.
60.00 shipped in the US (or trade for a smaller size)

Item Q:
25.00 shipped in the US
Black Clark's Artisan leather buckle shoes
SIze 10M, great shape.  Price written on bottom of heel in silver ink


Item R:
A+Lidel Striped cutsew
long sleeves, very warm cotton tee
the print says "God Save the Queen Fuck You.  No future. Destroy" and has some cute skulls with bows
bust 33" unstretched,  sleeves 23" long, top 26" long
35.00 shipped in the US

Print Detail

Item S:
Black tank top with Red ridinghood print in purple over Engrish and Maxicimam's logo. Small deoderant stain on left arm.
waist 26" unstretchedbust 27" unstretched, goes to 32-34 without warping design, could go higher.
18.00 shipped in the US



Item T:
Kid Pirate puffed sleeve cutsew Size M 20.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Item U:
Putumayo Sweater fair condition Size Medium 33" bust unstretched
25.00 shipped in the US A few small spots on the pocket and minor pilling


Item V:
BTSSB pink cardigan
37" bust unstretched, 17" long
35.00 shipped in the US, or trade for a non-pink bolero

Item W:
Scoundrelle's Keep grey blouse Size M (max 34" bust, 31" waist) 45.00 shipped in the US


Item X:
New, never used BTSSB tote 30.00 shipped in the US

Item Y:
Putumayo cutsew, poor to fair condition 18.00 shipped in the US
32' bust unstretched


Item Z1:
Naoto Frill skirt with attachable ruffle fromt for 2x ways to wear! Missing a button, but still has the replacement button on the label.
waist 28", no stretch
45.00 shipped in the US, 35.00 if bought with Naoto bolero

Without the button on panel:

Extra Button:

Item Z2
Naoto Frill cutsew boero with velvet ribbons free size
45.00 shipped in the US

Detail of print on back:

Older items (Last posted in November of 2012)
Item #1
Mam black skirt with blue trump ribbon and matching Alice Bow PLUS SIZE FRIENDLY
This skirt has a great stretch waistband that takes it from 25" to 38" easily. Medium black, not a dark black.
22" long (with lace), with matching headbow and detachable waist ties.  Alice Bow is 7 1/2"
65.00 shipped anywhere in the US


Item #2

BTSSB cream and Red Cherry print JSK 90.00 USD shipped
JSk is in very good condition for its age, and has only been worn
several times. The straps are adjustable with buttons, has back shirring
and a built in petti. The base of this dress is cream, NOT off-white.
36" long with straps as short as they go, 34" waist max, 34-36" bust


Item #4
Putumayo Sailor Blouse
Black sailor blouse with red lace and ribbon accents on collar, cuffs, and down front of top.
30-32" waist, 35" bust MAX
45.00 shipped

Item #6
Peace Now polka dot skirt
Size "M" 18" long and 27-28" waist
25.00 shipped


Item #8
Putumayo Sweater Dress 34” bust 30” waist naturally, 34”
long, sweater material is VERY forgiving could go quite a  bit bigger.
It appears to be some sort of poly blend? (I can't read Japanese), and
has a bit of a sparkle to it.
90.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Crown and Cross Pattern: http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/GEDC1163_zps80f80beb.jpg

Innocent World JSK and Bolero Black Gingham
36" long 32" bust minimum, would go up to a 37-38"
30" waist unstretched.
Bolero:36" bust tied as tightly as possible, cotton lace.  Could use a
good ironing.  Small orangish stain on the skirt, but I couldn't get it to photograph well at all.
120.00 shipped in the US


Thread coming a bit loose on the back shirring:

Item #10
Suppurate System/Amable Machina pink and silver music note heart earrings, unworn. removed from bag only to photograph. 1" by 1"
25.00 shipped in the US


Item # 12
Item A 19 Metamorphose White and Pink Bear Headdress:
Cute white circle headdress with a little teddy bear and pink ribbons on it.
20.00 shipped in the US


Item #13
Putumayo Punk lolita skirt:
Worn and faded.  Came "pre-distressed",
but has been worn a lot so it is hard to tell what is actual wear and
what is part of the design.  It has three layers of fabric, and has
faded to a dark grey on the outermost layer.  Needs a new button on the
waist, or you can wear it with a safety pin (what I did)  25" waist, 18"
Price reflects condition of skirt
25.00 shipped anywhere in the US


#14 Black Peace Now x Peace Now Plastic Folder
A furoku from who knows where? This is a Japanese style plastic folder that will hold all size paper since it is open on one side. The front is Black Peace Now, the back is Peace Now (or whichever way you prefer)
Pictured with a standard size legal sheet.
7.00 shipped anywhere in teh US

Item 15
Old School Meta dress90.00 shipped anywhere in the US
Red Cherry print with tiered and ruffled skirt, smocked front and detachable waist ties
sleeves have the winged cross lace, the rest has Meta's cross lace, the flower on the front is a detachable brooch
36" bust completely unstretched, shirring can go quite a bit larger, shoulders approx 19-20"
only owner, originally was 27,900 yen, worn 2-3 times, needs a good ironing



#24 Kera Maniax #1 (2003 new Tarot Guide and H.Naoto stickers)  25.00
#25 Kera Maniax 2 (2004, new Gloomy Bear Stickers) 25.00
#26 Kera Maniax 4,(2005, missing stickers) 20.00
#27 Kera Maniax 5, (2005 new Gloomy Bear stickers) 25.00
#28Kera Maniax 7 (2006, missing some stickers) 20.00
 #29Kera Maniax Special  (2007) 20.00
#30 Gothic x Lolita x Punk Brand Books  #1 (2005) 25.00
#31Gothic x Lolita x Punk Brand Book#2 (2005) 25.00
#32 Gothic x Lolita x Punk Brand Book#3 (2006) 25.00


item #33
Hellcat punks Punk lolita top
Never worn, but it got dirt on in while in storage, so I washed and dried it to get rid of the dirt.  Bust/waist 32" unstretched
15.00 shipped anywhere in the US


Trade only:
New Innocent World Size M blouse
34" bust max. Only tried on.
Trade for Size L Innocent World Blouse, or similar


Old School Angelic Pretty Gingham skirt with detachable waist ties
25" unstretched, goes to about 28". length is 20"
Want to trade a different skirt.
Print detail: http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/Sales/sale%201/036.jpg


Working away on another salse post. Yay!